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Hello Dolls! Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new beauty blog and website! We have been working hard to bring you a better, faster, and overall better experience when you visit our luxurious sand castle on the interwebs. If this isn’t your first time here I’m sure you’ve noticed that we decided to give our online store a major makeover! We hope that you like it as we have worked really hard on everything and coded/designed everything ourself just for you! We wanted you to have a luxury feel when you shop with us because YOU DESERVE IT, and now that we don’t have to split fee’s with a 3rd party and decided to host our site ourselves, we can focus on bringing you top notch quality products!

We will also be introducing our new beauty blog that you see here, where we will talk about an array of beauty topics, introduce our new products, post video tutorials, and etc.

So yes this our first post but please expect many more to come!


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